Why Vodafone Has The Best iPhone 4 Tariff For Now

Only three UK mobile phone operators have published their iPhone 4 tariffs at the time of writing and amongst the trio, Vodafone stands out as being the one which has the best plan for its existing and new customers.

There are a number of facts that support this statement; Vodafone is currently the one which provides with the biggest data quota of all. All monthly plans come with 1GB mobile internet and webmail AND 1GB of Wi-Fi with Openzone.

In comparison, O2 dropped its unlimited data plan and only the most expensive iPhone 4 packages get 1GB. As for Orange, its "unlimited" mobile internet browsing and Wi-Fi packages are limited to 750MB each per month.

In addition, its plans over £45 include 5MB European data roaming per day or 150MB per month, something which will be extremely useful for business users.

While Vodafone entry level package (75 minutes, 250 texts for £30 per month on 18 month contract) is not as good as O2 (100 minutes, unlimited texts), the more popular 300, 600, 900 and 1200 minutes packages are competitive with its rivals.

That said, unlike O2 and Orange, Vodafone does not offer unlimited "minutes" packages and its tethering packages is less competitive than say, O2, which offers 3GB for £10.