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Apple iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Start Shipping

Consumers have reported being told they will receive their pre-ordered iPhone 4 by 4:30 pm on 24 June.

A number of customers have updated their Twitter accounts to say they have received shipment e-mails from Apple, stating the expected delivery date.

Some consumers even claim to have received notification from Apple that their iPhone 4 will be delivered as early as 23 June - a day before the device is due to arrive in retail stores in the United States and the UK.

The reports come amid news that Apple and AT&T have been contacting some customers to say that their iPhone 4 pre-orders have been cancelled, due to incomplete authorisation processes and unverified payment details.

Pre-orders for iPhone have exceeded many retailers' initial estimates, according to Apple and AT&T. It is believed that the unexpected demand may have led to delays in some quarters.

Apple has reported receiving about 600,000 advance orders for the new device.