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iPhone 4 video calls won't use up voice minutes

The iPhone 4's Face Time video calling function won't eat into your voice minutes, according to Apple.

It wasn't made entirely clear how Face Time calls would be billed during Steve Jobs' WWDC keynote a few weeks ago. Apple announced that the video conferencing function would work only over Wi-Fi and between two iPhone 4s, but as calls would have to be initiated over the 3G network, some concerned iPhone early adopters asked whether the 3G call would persist in the background, nibbling away at precious airtime allowances.

Now an Apple rep has told Business Insider that's not the case, and that the initial 3G connection will be dropped once a Wi-Fi connection has been made. If the Wi-Fi connection is lost, the Face Time session will have to be restarted using the 3G network once again.

We can see this being a major frustration for anyone trying to make a Face Time call on anything less than an entirely robust connection, and wonder whether a user-definable option to maintain a 3G connection in the background during video calls wouldn't have been a bad idea for those people less concerned about their bills than the reliability of their connection.