BT announces unlimited Openzone Wi-Fi

BT has just announced that its broadband users will get unlimited access to all of its Wi-Fi hotspots.

As every other telco in the world moves the goalposts to restrict access to mobile data, BT is bucking the trend by offering uncapped usage of its 1.5 million BT Fon and Openzone hotspots throughout the UK to existing customers.

Until now BT customers had time limits set on their out-and-about use of access points based in pubs, airports and other public buildings, but the company now says "recognising the growing need for Internet access on the move, BT has now decided to offer unlimited Wi-Fi access across all BT Total Broadband options, to further consolidate as the UK’s most complete broadband."

The company will soon unveil a downloadable application which will make finding and using your nearest hotspot a doddle.

BT bigwig John Petter said, "Because of the growing number of BT customers with mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones, we know that mobile access to the Internet is needed more than ever before."

And with a not-very-well-hidden pop at one of the company's mobile competitors, he added: "Now that operators like O2 are rationing 3G, BT Total Broadband customers can find fast Wi-Fi connections all over the UK’s towns and cities with unlimited internet access from 1.5 million hotspots."