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BT Gives Unlimited Wi-Fi To Broadband Customers

Telecommunications giant BT has announced that it will be giving unlimited Wi-Fi access to its Total broadband customers via BT Fon and BT Openzone wireless hotspots acrsoss the country.

There are currently around 1.5 million such locations in the UK and this number is set to grow to over 2.5 million by the end of 2011, providing BT with the biggest hotspot base nationwide.

John Petter, consumer managing director for BT Retail, said in a statement that "Because of the growing number of BT customers with mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones, we know that mobile access to the internet is needed more than ever before."

The move comes as other mobile network operators like O2 have started to rein in their "unlimited" broadband claims. The Wi-Fi coverage will be available exclusively for BT customers on all BT Total Broadband packages.

However, delving deeper into BT's meaning of "unlimited" and we found out that the service is subject to fair usage policies, but rather than giving you a classic data quota, BT has chosen to restrict usage to 10,000 minutes per month instead, which is roughly equivalent to a whole week of connectivity.