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Confidential Data Stolen From Kent Police Car

A Kent police officer has been subjected to disciplinary action after confidential papers were stolen from the boot of his car.

The BBC reports that the briefcase was stolen from the boot of the officer's car while it was parked outside a residential complex.

The Information Commission Office (ICO) undertook the case after a citizen returned the confidential documents, which were found dumped in the street next day, to a local police station.

According to an investigation carried out by the ICO, the Kent police officer was not provided with a secure briefcase or storage facility, and this is what led to the theft.

Although authorities have refused to divulge details about the officer or the incident, police have been directed to make sure that officers carrying confidential documents outside of the station are provided with secure methods of storage.

Disciplinary action has been taken against the officer, who has also been provided with training regarding the protection of confidential data.