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Exclusive : O2 Transferring iPhone Customers Without Their Consent?

We've been tipped by a furious O2 corporate customer who told us that the Telefonica-owned company has transferred its iPhone users to a company called Azzurri Communications which became an O2 strategic partner (aka 3rd party B2B dealer) back in January 2010.

Back then, part of the agreement was that Azzurri would manage only directly acquired O2 customers but it seems that its remit has been extended since then.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the O2 customer, told us how he tried to get PAC codes for handsets that his company handled, only to be told that he would have to pay several hundreds pounds to get out of the said contract.

Needless to say that no one in the company signed anything in relation to a renewed O2 contract, which means that the details were passed onto Azzurri Communications without prior agreement with the customers.

A similar incident has been reported on O2's forums by "BenjaminBowles" who adds that Azzurri had automatically renewed the contract he handles without prior permission, for another 24 months.

But the transfers, our research shows date from as far as November 2009, O2 customers noticed that their business accounts had been moved to Azzurri Communications.

Back in March 2008, the company laid off around a fifth of its workforce after the company's decision to move from a voice and network schema to a managed services model.

We've contacted O2 and are awaiting an answer from the mobile phone operator. We will update the article as soon as we get some answers from them.