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Free micro-SIM adaptor with the iPhone 4 on Orange

Orange has just made public the news that a SIM adaptor will be bundled with its iPhone 4, all in order to allow regular phones access to the much smaller SIM card that now accompanies the new Apple handset. This information came from Orange’s PR Manager via picture posted on Twitter and is news that hasn’t been made public before by the network, or any other network retailing the mobile.

The smaller microSIM card which really hasn’t been seen before won’t be able to natively fit into a regular SIM card slot currently on mobile phones, where Orange appears to be the first to include the ability to use microSIMs elsewhere by way of this very adaptor.

Besides just creating news for news sake in a week where every network wants that little piece of leverage over its competition – it is actually a good feature. The larger SIM card can work in other mobiles if the iPhone 4 has been damaged, also contacts on existing phones can be copied over to the SIM card effortlessly too.

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