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Google Probed By State Prosecutors Over Wi-Fi Mapping

Google has once again been asked to release details of the data it collected while gathering information for its Street View service.

According to a report in the Boston Herald (opens in new tab), Massachusetts Attorney-General Martha Coakley and Illinois Attorney-General Lisa Madigan have written a letter to Google, demanding the release of details covering the scope of the data it has collected and what it plans to do with it.

According to Coakley, the payload data may contain e-mail IDs, passwords and bank account information, which could easily be compromised.

She said: “We are concerned with any instances in which the personal information of Massachusetts consumers may have been compromised. My office is seeking to find out from Google exactly what information was collected and for what purposes."

Google revealed to have inadvertently collected nearly 600GB of information from unsecured wireless networks while collecting material for its Street View project.

Google has since put its Wi-Fi mapping project on hold, and has no plans to restart it in the near future, said Google spokesperson Christine Chen.