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Google To Roll Out Newspass Paywall Service

Google is looking for publishers to test its new 'Newspass' paywall service.

Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports that the search giant has been contacting publishers to explore their willingness to participate in a trial run.

Newspass is a new payment system designed to allow publishers to charge for their content, by way of subscription or micropayment, and will allow readers to pay via Google Checkout.

When the plan is implemented, the Google News search page will consist of both paid-for and free content. Interested users will be able to access paid-for content directly from the search engine results page.

A Google spokersperson said: “We’ve consistently said we’re talking with news publishers about ways we can work together, including whether we can help them with technology to power any subscription services they may be thinking of building. Our aim, as with all Google products, is to reach as broad a global audience as possible. We have nothing specific to announce at this time.”

The Newspass platform is expected to be released later this year.