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Google VP8 Codec Set For Early Revamp

The royalty-free VP8 open compression codec, developed by Google, is set to undergo substantial changes just a month after it was launched.

Google is planning to add support for Ogg Vorbis audio code to VP8 and bring both codecs in the WebM container.

Google hopes to provide a royalty-free alternative to rival codec H.264, which is used for a range of applications from Blu-ray discs to Google's own YouTube video sharing site.

The company has said that the improvements will make it easier to update software decoders, and will improve the power consumption of video devices.

Google has also assured users that VP8 hardware support will increase video performance, especially the frame rate and resolution.

Writing in his blog, Jim Bankoski, Google codec engineering manager stated: “Like every codec, WebM is not immune to change; the difference in our project is that the improvements are publicly visible, and compatibility and implementation issues can be worked through in an open forum."