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HP To Release 48Upper Social Network For IT Pros

Hewlett-Packard is set to launch a new social networking website for IT professionals around the world.

The company announced the site, called 48Upper, at its software conference in Washington.

48Upper includes similar features to those is offered by existing social networks, but is aimed at users of HP system management tools.

The site has a professed agenda of promoting information exchange. "We have lived with the stereotype of being introverted, pessimistic loners for too long", explains the site's manifesto.

It's hoped that the new service will give IT workers a platform on the web for troubleshooting and discussing day-to-day IT problems.

The site will also play host to a library of information useful to the IT sector. Users adding to this information will have the option to making their posts publicly visible, or viewable by group members only.

Although it hasn't yet even got as far as beta testing, critics have already begun to ask questions about the site.

IT analysts are sceptical about the usefulness of a social networking site in the IT sector, as many IT professionals already use other popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.