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IBM Adds Power-7 Servers To Trade-In Deals

IT giant IBM has announced that it will include its Power-7 line of mid-ranged servers in future trade-in deals.

IBM's trade-in deals allow customers to exchange their old servers and CPUs for new ones at a discounted rate.

By offering the Power-7 range as part of the discount scheme, IBM hopes to boost sales of the server line, which was launched in February.

The company said its trade-in deals would now include the new Power 750, 770, and 780 servers.

IT Jungle explains that IBM provides a list of trade-in prices the company is willing to pay for older machines, based on the configuration of the device the customer is planning to buy using the trade-in scheme.

Customers can then take advantage of that discount when they purchase new machines that are eligible for the trade-in scheme.

IBM has refused to reveal the prices of the servers and it is still not known how they will be incorporated into the trade-in scheme.