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Intel To Launch First Ten-Core Processor

Intel's next-generation server processor, code-named the Westmere-EX, is set to integrate more cores than any other server chip currently offered by the company.

Computer World has reported that news of the server chip's additional cores came to light after Intel announced that it would be presenting a paper titled 'Westmere-EX: A 20 Thread Server CPU' at the Hot Chips 22 conference at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, in August.

The title of the paper suggests that the Westmere-EX 20 thread processor will surpass Intel's 16-thread Nehalem-EX CPUs which have eight cores, each core capable of simultaneously running two threads.

Experts believe that the 20-thread Westmere-EX processor will include 10 physical cores.

The company, which already makes Westmere-based chips for laptops and servers, has revealed that the Westmere-EX processor will be targeted at servers that come with four or more sockets.