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Intel preps ten-core Westmere-EX

Intel looks set to finally lift the lid on its Westmere-EX architecture in August, when the chipmaker is planning to reveal its plans for a ten-core server CPU.

As IT World reported yesterday, the timetable for the annual HotChips show at Stanford University has been revealed, and Intel is planning to discuss its forthcoming Westmere-EX architecture on the second day of the event.

On 24 August 2010, Session 6 will be dedicated to servers, with a talk entitled "Westmere-EX: A 20 Thread Server CPU." Given that Intel's Hyper-Threading technology enables a single CPU core to handle two simultaneous threads, this means we'll be looking at the first ten-core Intel server CPU.

Intel hasn't revealed any intricate details about Westmere-EX yet, but we do know it will be built on Intel's 32nm fabrication process, and pick up where the 45nm Nehalem-EX architecture left off. Intel's vice president and director of PC client operations, Stephen Smith, has also confirmed the chips will use the same LGA1567 socket as Nehalem-EX (pictured).

Intel introduced its first 32nm Westmere chips earlier this year when it launched the LGA1156 Core i3, i5 and i7 CPUs, which added new features to Nehalem. With ten cores at its disposal, Westmere-EX will add two new cores to the eight already provided by Nehalem-EX chips.

As with Nehalem-EX, the forthcoming ten-core chips will be launched as a part of the Xeon 7000-series, and are expected to be released in the second quarter of 2011.