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Is iPhone OS 4 Apple's Windows 7?

The new iPhone OS 4 is set to be launched later today, a major platform upgrade that comes a few days before the launch of the iPhone 4, Apple's latest smartphone and which will include a slew of improvements for existing mobile Apple platforms.

How significant will the launch be? Well, Computerworld's Michael deAgonia (opens in new tab) says that it will breathe new life into the iPhone line-up while Paul Thurrott (opens in new tab) from Windows Supersite acknowledges that the new iPhone really delivers on technical prowess, capability and usability; interesting perspective given Paul's background as a Windows Guru.

This bring another question, could the iPhone OS 4 be Apple's equivalent of Windows 7, a platform that actually rejuvenates an existing range of products and prevents them from falling into obsolescence? It seems to be the case as the iOS 4 will introduce a number of new features like support for folders, a unified inbox, wallpapers, tap to zoom and more than 100 other enhancements.

The good thing therefore is that you won't need to swap your old iPhone for its swankier big brother; just get the new iPhone OS 4 this afternoon.

Even better, this major upgrade will be free even for iPod Touch users although multi tasking will remain the exclusivity of iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

We suspect that another reason why the iPhone OS 4 is free is because Apple is keen to get as many people to join the iAd advertising environment as soon as possible.

Désiré Athow

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