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Apple iOS 4 Available For Download

iOS 4 is now live and can be downloaded via iTunes for free for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone family and is set to bring more than 100 new features to the trio of Apple devices.

The most important feature that the iPhone OS 4 will be introducing will be multi-tasking, one that will be limited to the latest generation of iPhone 3GS and 4 and iPod Touch.

Other notable improvements will include folder creation and management, iBooks, unified inbox, the ability to create playlists, digital zoom, home screen wallpaper, many of which, we've showed, have already been introduced by Google's Android partners.

Apple introduced iTunes 9.2 today as the company prepares the release of the new iPhone; users will need to have this version installed before they can update to iOS 4.

We expect that there will be a few issues following the release of the iOS 4, more particularly, it will be interesting to see whether the update affects any existing app, breaks compatibility and affects battery life on current and older generation devices.