Lane Fox Remains UK's 'Digital Champion'

The new UK government has decided to allow internet entrepreneur Martha Lane Fox to retain her role as the country's 'digital champion'.

The government has asked her to focus on ways to reduce government costs by taking its services online.

Lane Fox, who co-founded internet company, said that among her roles as UK's digital champion, bridging the digital divide will be one of her top priorities.

She believes that getting everyone in the UK online will be economically beneficial to the country as a whole.

Lane Fox, who earlier advised the Labour government on digital inclusion, has been also given a chair on the government's efficiency board, headed by Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude.

Maude has emphasised the importance of coming up with ways to reduce government costs and ensure the efficient delivery of public services online.

Speaking to the BBC, Lane Fox said: “The government could save millions each year simply by doing transactions online rather than on paper or over the phone.”