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Priest puts Catholic Mass on the iPad

An Italian priest has developed an iPad app which allows him to use the gadget to celebrate mass, instead of having to rely on an old-fangled book.

The app contains the complete Catholic missal, which details every word spoken or sung at Mass during the complete liturgical year.

It was developed by Rev. Paolo Padrini a 35-year old consultant with the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Social Communications.

Padrini is also responsible for the iBreviary, an application which put the book of daily prayers onto iPhones. Padrini told AP that 200,000 people had downloaded that app so far.

He said the new app is free and will be launched in July in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Latin.

The Vatican is keen to reach out to new young souls, having botchced its copybook over the years such ill-conceived missions a the Inquisition.

What could be hipper than an iPad-toting priest?

"Paper books will never disappear," Padrini told AP. "We shouldn't be scandalised that on altars there are these instruments in support of prayer."

Indeed, for did not sheets of paper replace stone tablets, after all?