Rumour: Intel to slash Core i7 price

If you're planning on building yourself a decent-spec Core i7 system in the near future, then it may be worth holding back the shopping urges until the end of August, as it looks as though there's a big price cut on the way.

Intel updated its official CPU price list (in trays of 1,000 units) yesterday, although it might as well have not bothered, as there wasn't a single change from May's price list. However, Asian tech site HKEPC claims to have got hold of Intel's future pricing information, which is much more interesting.

According to the site, Intel's Core i7 950 is lining up for a massive price cut of almost 48 per cent. The site correctly lists the current price of $562 today, but says Intel's 29 August price list will see this drop to $294 – a price cut of almost a half.

The LGA1366 Core i7 950 is based on Intel's ageing 45nm Bloomfield technology, and is clocked at 3.06GHz. It currently goes for £447.25 inc VAT, but a price cut of 48 per cent could potentially see this fall to a retail price of £232.57 – a similar price to Intel's current Core i7 930.

In addition to the price Core i7 950 price cut, the site also says the Core i3 550's price will drop from $138 to $117 on 17 October. This will probably be a result of the introduction of the Core i3 560, which the site says will be introduced on 29 August at the same $138 price as the Core i3 550.