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Samsung Bada OS To Appear on Tablets and Set-Top Boxes

Samsung has announced plans to release variations of its Bada operating system for tablet PCs and TV set-top boxes.

Justin Hong, Bada platform chief, said that following the success of the Samsung Wave, the first smartphone to support the Bada operating system, the Korean manufacturer is looking at the possibility of putting the operating system into other devices.

According to Hong, Bada is still in its initial stages, with only 150 applications so far available to Wave users. Samsung says, however, that it is awaiting certification of thousands of applications to be included in the Bada application market.

Hong said: "We are focusing on quality not quantity. Bada is a new platform and can provide an opportunity for developers to get their apps recognised in a store that is not crowded when compared to other stores."

He also said that Samsung is working towards creating an ecosystem like Apple's iOS 4 and Google's Android, and hopes that Bada will revolutionise the smartphone market worldwide.

Hong expects that developers currently developing applications for Apple and Google will work with Bada as well.