Should Toshiba Launch Single Screen W100 Tablet?

We've seen how the Toshiba Libretto W100 dual screen tablet that the Japanese manufacturer has launched, may end up costing nearly £900, a price that will undoubtedly deter a number of prospective customers.

Toshiba might well be advised to look at a cut-down version of the W100, something that would actually be nearer to the AC100, its innovative Android-based Tegra-powered laptop.

Moving from an expensive Intel/Windows environment to the Android/Tegra platform would significantly cut the price of the device while increasing the battery life of the device while keeping the rest of the configuration stable.

A single screen W100 with a 7-inch WXGA capacitive touch display, 512MB RAM, 8GB onboard storage, 8-hour battery life and all the bells and whistles that came with the Toshiba TG01; 1GHz Snapdragon processor, built-in accelerometer, 3G/Wi-Fi connectivity, microSD card reader and a USB port.

Even at £450, this tablet would certainly be a worthy competitor to the Apple iPad, much more than the W100 is at the moment. Crucially, a single-screen W100 would ensure that Toshiba is present in a segment where it is not present.

Its current tablet PC range is limited to the M780, a rather unwieldy convertible which costs around £1000 and is more laptop than tablet.