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UK digital doll, Martha Lane Fox keeps her job founder Martha Lane Fox has managed to hold onto her job as the UK Government's Digital Champion.

Despite the ConDem Coalition swinging the axe in the direction of just about every IT project in sight, Fox has not only retained her remit to get the whole of the UK on the web, but is now part of the Efficiency Board which will look at other Government projects to see if they are pulling their weight.

Fox, who was originally appointed under the recently-ousted Labour Government, said,: "There are more than 10 million adults in this country who have never used the Internet and it is my mission to get as many of them online as possible. At the moment they are missing out on the massive advantages of being online which the rest of us take for granted, including average consumer savings of over £560 a year and the ability to access vital public services, and I want to change that."

Fox has made a public commitment to make the UK the first country in the world to have 100 per cent engagement with the Internet by 2012.

But it's not just consumers who can save money by getting online, according to Fox who also sits on the boards of a number of private companies including Marks & Spencer.

"Whilst helping to bridge the digital divide is hugely important in its own right," she said, "there are also compelling economic reasons why we need to get everyone online. For example, the Government could save millions of pounds each year simply by doing transactions online rather than on paper or over the phone."

Perhaps we'll be able to sign on the Dole online next year, when we're all out of work.