Windows Live Messenger App Now Available For iPhone

Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger application for the iPhone is now available for download.

The application, which will be free to download, is the fourth application developed by Microsoft for the iPhone.

The iOS 4 application will include the new Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 features, integrating with social networking applications such as Facebook, Flickr and Skydrive.

The application's chat feature will allow users to interact with contacts on both Windows Live and Y! Messenger.

The application also comes with a version of Hotmail integrated into it, allowing users to read, reply and compose new e-mails using the software.

Like the Bing for iPhone application, Windows Live messenger is not yet available everywhere. Users in some European countries, including Belgium, are only able to download two applications by Microsoft from the Apple store at present, the Seadragon and Tag Reader applications.

Microsoft describes its Windows Live Messenger application as “the best way to connect with the people that matter most and keep up with the things they are doing across the web.”