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3 Million Units Sold Means Apple iPad Will Be Bigger Than US Ebook Reader Market

News that Apple had managed to sell more than three million iPad tablet devices in around 80 days came just a few hours after Barnes & Noble and Amazon slashed the price of their ebook readers by around a quarter in what is set to become a bloody scene.

The US Consumer Electronics Association estimates that just over two million Ebook readers have been sold for the whole of 2009 with an average price of $245 while around five million units are expected to be sold in 2010 with an average outlay of $210.

This puts the success of the iPad, which sells for at least $499, into perspective. Indeed, at the current rate of more than 45,000 iPads sold per day, Apple will have sold more iPad than the total projected number of e-readers sold in the US by this time next month.

Even if the numbers include the US, the fact remains that the iPad will potentially sell more than 10 million units worldwide by the end of the year, far more than the remaining traditional ebook readers on the market.

These will also face the challenge of devices based on Google's Android and ARM hardware, either cheap iPad knockoffs or more elaborate ones like the 5-inch Dell Streak.

Désiré Athow

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