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Apple iOS4 jailbreak imminent

Infamous iPhone hacker George 'Geohot' Hotz has announced that he has already discovered a way to jailbreak iPhones, perhaps even permanently.

The 'pwn for life' hack, which exploits the the device's boot rom, was announced at the Nuit du Hack conference in Paris and will be distributed through the normal channels imminently according to Tek Goblin.

Geohot has been a constant thorn in Apple's side since he opened up the first ever iteration of the Holy Handset's innards, making the Cupertino company's famously ring-fenced device susceptible to jailbreaking.

Apple will, of course, throw its huge resources at closing any breaches in its defences as soon as possible, and it remains to be seen whether the lifetime jailbreak lives up to its name.

The secretly-filmed video below shows Hotz giving away far more information than Apple will probably want to be made public, so you'd better watch it now before YouTube gets the take-down notice from Apple's dogs of law.