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Asus introduces vibrating gaming headset

We've had vibrating joysticks, rumbling game cartridges and even bottom-shakers buried in our gaming seats, but now Asus reckons there's also room for a vibrating gaming headset. We've just received these shots of the CineVibe, which shakes during games.

Okay, so it's difficult to hold back a childish snigger when a product comes with "rumble-feedback vibrators," but an Asus spokesperson tells us that while the technology behind its CineVibe headset sounds dodgy, "it's actually bloody awesome!"

The headset responds to bass-heavy frequencies in games by vibrating, which Asus claims results in "unbelievably live audio" when playing games and movies. The headphones connect via USB, but Asus says there are no drivers to install.

You can also control the level of trembling around your ears via a vibration control in the middle of the 1.5-metre long cable, which also features a microphone and volume control.

According to Asus, the CineVibe has been designed with long gaming sessions in mind, and is accordingly geared up for comfort. The head-band is covered in high-density Styrofoam, but is also foldable so you can easily carry it with you to LAN events.

The ear pads have also been given the long-term gaming treatment, and Asus says they feature the "most advanced Japan protein leather cushions." As well as being soft, Asus says the ear pads can also "breathe," presumably to stop your head from getting overly sweaty.

In terms of specs, Asus says the CineVibe features 30mm drivers, and has a sensitivity rating of around 103dB (plus or minus 5dB) with the vibration switched off, which increases to 105dB (plus or minus 5dB) with vibration enabled.

Meanwhile, the impedance is rated at around 16ohm (plus or minus 25 per cent) at 1KHz with vibration enabled, an this increases to 32ohm (plus or minus 25 per cent) when it's switched off. Asus tells us the CineVibe is set to be released in the UK this week, with stock available from both Scan (opens in new tab) and Overclockers UK (opens in new tab). monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.