Black Eyed Peas Single Surpass One Million Downloads

"I've got a feeling", the single released by the Black Eyed Peas just over one year ago in the UK has been downloaded more than one million times since then, the first time this milestone has been reached.

The song spent a total of 33 weeks in the UK and Martin Talbot, the managing director of the Official Charts Company, explained to the BBC, that this figure was "a very significant step for the download market".

The popular US pop group also hold the UK record for the most downloads by a single group, a whopping 3.3 million. Downloads have only been counted towards the total tally of track sales since 2005 and now account for 98 percent of all UK single sales.

However physical CD are still popular when it comes to albums, partly because of remastered and re-issued versions of existing tracks being launched every now and then.

As a sidenote, "I've got a feeling" has been criticised by some (including who gave it the title of worst song ever) for its simplistic lyrics and the annoying tendency of the group's singers to loop them ad neaseum. Check the video below.