Connecticut Attorney-General Leads Probe Into Google Wi-Fi Data

Connecticut attorney-general Richard Blumenthal has said that his office will lead a US multi-state probe into whether Google illegally gathered data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks while collecting information for its Street View service.

Blumenthal said 30 US states took part in a recent conference to determine how they could better protect against such violations of privacy in the future.

In a statement, Blumenthal said: "My office will lead a multi-state investigation - expected to involve a significant number of states - into Google's deeply disturbing invasion of personal privacy. Consumers have a right and a need to know what personal information - which could include emails, web browsing and passwords - Google may have collected, how and why.”

Blumenthal added that Google must now provide a explanation, detailing how and why the unauthorised collection of private user information occurred, and how the company plans to ensure that something like this does not happen in the future.