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Facebook Boss Praises UK Data Policy

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has praised the UK government's initiative to make official data available to software developers, allowing them to create applications that will assist UK citizens.

In a meeting with UK prime minister David Cameroon, the Facebook founder applauded the UK's efforts to make as much government data available to the public as possible, describing the UK's software developer community as the most civic-minded in the world.

Speaking at Facebook's first developer conference in London, Zuckerberg described David Cameron and his team as "insightful".

He also added that "a lot of the stuff that they’re talking about is about opening government data. They want to see good use cases so that it’s worth carrying on doing it."

The Daily Telegraph reports that Zuckerberg also praised the UK government's Tube Warning service, which announces the availability of new data relating to the London Tube network via Facebook Events.

He also acknowledged the Together We Can project, which allows communities to share information with each other, so that members can work on improving their areas.