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Facebook Releases New v3.1.3 For iPhone

Facebook has released the version 3.1.3 update for its official iPhone application.

The new version will allow the 55 million Facebook for iPhone users to view videos and upload 720 pixel-wide photos on the platform.

The company said on its iTunes page that the update will allow users to view and write on the events wall as well as fixes many bugs including the 'Could not comment on photos accessed from Notifications', 'Status updates appeared out of order in News Feed', 'Birthdays view had months in wrong order' and 'Could not upload photos smaller than a certain size' issues.

Facebook said that it had fixed the bug that displayed broken photo album links on the News Feed section of the application.

The Facebook friend list has also been redesigned to resemble an iPhone contact list.

The company has promised that the ability to upload iPhone videos on the platform will be soon added to the application.