Google Releases PDF Plug-In For Chrome

Internet giant Google has released a new PDF plug-in for the Windows and Mac versions of its popular Google Chrome web browser.

The company said on its Google Chrome blog that the plug-in, which is also available for download on the Chrome developer channel, will enhance users' ability to view PDF files on the internet.

The update will allow PDF files to open in a browser at the same speed that HTML web pages loda, and will also add basic PDF page-view functions to the browser, including zooming in and searching through documents.

Google also says that the plug-in will allow PDF documents to be opened in a security 'sandbox' similar to the one used by Chrome browser, enhancing user protection.

The update will be released to Chrome users automatically.

Google also confirmed that the company was working closely with the Adobe Reader team to make the Chrome web browser capable of supporting media-rich PDF documents containing Flash content.