Intel In Talks With FTC Over Anti-Trust Case

Intel is in talks to settle a long-running anti-trust lawsuit brought against the company by the US Federal Trade Commission.

The regulator has agreed to call a halt to administrative trial proceedings against Intel for anti-competitive trade practices, and has opened discussions aimed at deciding the terms of a settlement.

The FTC's case involves accusations that Intel manipulated technical data to make its chips appear superior to those of competitors, preventing companies from using competitors' chips alongside those developed by Intel, and forcing computer makers to use its products.

The Associated Press reports that the two organisations have 30 days to come up settlement terms. If they fail to reach agreement, the case will continue as before, with an administrative hearing scheduled for September.

The FTC said that rather than imposing hefty fines, its primary objective is to change the company's behaviour when it comes to marketing strategies.

Last year, the company paid a record fine of $1.45 billion to European anti-trust regulators.