Microsoft HealthVault Comes To The UK

Microsoft has made its web-based personal health information storage service, HealthVault, available to users in the UK.

The service allows users to store their own and their family's health information in a secure Microsoft cloud-based storage system.

Users can set up their own accounts, inputting their health and wellness information so it can be shared by healthcare providers, pharmacies and fitness/sports coaches to provide advice.

The information stored on their profile can be entered manually or by the means of a healthcare device like blood pressure monitor or pedometer.

John Coulthard, Senior Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Microsoft UK, said: “Not only does HealthVault put users in charge of their own health data, but it also offers huge opportunities for organisations in the healthcare ecosystem to build applications and services that help people engage in their health and wellness.”

The company also said that the platform includes enhanced security and privacy features that allow users to determine who can view their personal health data, and who can't.