Microsoft Kinect To Cost $150

Microsoft has announced the price of its Kinect motion-sensing peripheral for the Xbox 360 games console.

Kinect will be available in the US for $149.99, the same price as Microsoft's Xbox 360 Arcade Spring 2010 Bundle.

The company says the $150 Kinect pack will include a Kinect sensor for Xbox 360, power supply cable, user manual and Wi-Fi extension cable. Kinect games will have to be purchased separately.

Microsoft has declared its lack of interest in 3D gaming, and is instead pinning its hopes on the Kinect.

It hopes the device will usher in a new era of controller-less gaming, allowing users to control their game using simply by moving their bodies and using hand gestures.

Microsoft also released the technical specifications of the device, revealing that Kinect has a colour 640x480-pixel resolution camera that captures motion at 30 frames a second, along with four microphones to support single-speaker voice recognition.

The UK price for the Kinect peripheral has not yet been announced.