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Nintendo Voices Fears Over Global Economy

Japanese video game maker Nintendo has said that fluctuations in global exchange rates could have an significant impact on the company's profits.

In an interview with BBC News, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata expressed his fear that currency fluctuations were a symptom of broader economic instability.

Iwata said: "If the Yen, or any currency, changes over one, two or three years, then that is something that we corporations have to deal with. However, if over a week a currency fluctuates by five or ten per cent, there has to be something seriously wrong with the economy."

He added: "From that perspective, we cannot say our [global] economy as a whole has been stabilised and there is uncertainty on how to estimate our profits. The Euro is just one of the most recent examples of the issues we have been observing in the currency market since the shock of Lehman Brothers."

Iwata stated that the instability in the global economy could affect how corporations, Nintendo included, could estimate their profits and urged governments to do more to ensure economic stability.