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Nokia To Launch ARM-based Tablet In Q4

The world's biggest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, is likely to launch an ARM-based tablet device towards the end of the year, one which, according to a Taiwanese publication will be powered by none other than Meego.

According to Digitimes's Joseph Tsai, the tablet PC will be either a 7-inch or a 9-inch model and will be manufactured by ODM/OEM giant Foxconn through its FIH subsidiary with more than 100 engineering samples already in the wild.

The interesting aspect of the rumour is that Digitimes claims that Nokia will use Meego to power an ARM-based device. Meego was born out of a partnership between Intel and Nokia, with both companies bringing together their Maemo and Moblin mobile platforms.

While Intel has already said that Meego would be an open-source project and will be compatible with other hardware platforms, it would potentially be embarrassing for the semiconductor giant if its partner chose to adopt a non-x86 solution for its first big project.

Nokia is keen to catch up with Apple, which has sold more than two million iPad units since the launch of the device. However, the last such venture by the Finnish manufacturer - the Nokia Booklet 3G - didn't fare that well we understand mainly due to its high price.