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Shuttle gaming box comes to UK

After wooing travelling gamers in the US with its Fermi-touting shoebox last week, Shuttle is now offering the same machine in the UK. There's just one twist... you can't have a GeForce GTX 480 card over here.

According to Shuttle, the rest of the machine is the same. Speaking to THINQ, Shuttle's Christian Scheibel explained that UK buyers "just can't get it with a GTX 480 at the moment, but we're looking to offer it as well later on." At the moment, says Scheibel, the top card available in the machine is a Radeon HD 5870.

The ready-built gaming rig has a slightly different name over here too, being called the J3-5800P, instead of the J3-5800G. Scheibel says that the P stands for "performance," while the G stands for "gaming" in the US.

Based on Shuttle's SX58J3 chassis, the J3-5800P has a 500W 80plus Bronze certified PSU at its disposal, as well as an X58 chipset and LGA1366 CPU socket. The top CPU available in the machine is a six-core Core i7 980X, although this will add €939 (£779) to the cost over the standard Core i7 920 CPU.

According to Scheibel, the price of the machine will vary from £1,133.82 inc VAT to £3,064.75 inc VAT for the top spec. As well as the CPU and graphics card options, you can also choose up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM, as well as a pair of 2TB hard drives if you need plenty of storage space.

You can pre-order the machine already from Shuttle's website, and configure it yourself, although all the prices are in Euros at the moment.