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Vintage Computers On Display At Bletchley Park

The National Museum of Computing has organised the very first Vintage Computer Festival.

The exhibition will include items ranging from World War 2 code-breaking machines to a ZX Spectrum machine running the micro-blogging platform Twitter, maintained by people trying to keep alive Britain's history of computing.

The festival was held at Bletchley Park, the center of Britain's code-breaking operations throughout World War 2, over the weekend, and was attended by more than 2000 vintage computing enthusiasts.

Some of the exhibits included the vintage BBC Micro, ZX81 computing machine and the once-popular Commodore 64.

Some of the machines on display had been programed to run retro games, including Space Invaders, while some were used to produce computer generated music.

One of the most sought after exhibits was the ZX Spectrum machine programed to run Twitter, allowing users to send and receive tweets from the vintage system.

The National Museum of Computing hope that, by holding this exhibition, people will beome more interested in technology.