AMD launches $99 Opteron into cloud

AMD announced availability of its Opteron 4000 Series platform (formerly 'Lisbon') at the GigaOm Structure Cloud Computing and Internet Infrastructure conference, today.

The 4000 Series offers four- and six-core chips which run at at less than 6W per core - a 24 per cent reduction over AMD's previous generation, the firm said.

AMD claims the chippery is first server platform designed from the beginning to meet the specific requirements of cloud, hyperscale data centre, and SMB customers seekng power-efficient 1 and 2P systems.

“Until now, customers wanting to build a dense and power-efficient cloud or hyperscale data center had to shoehorn expensive, higher-end solutions into their computing environment, or they had to choose low-power client-based designs that may not have offered the right level of performance and server functionality,” said Patrick Patla, corporate vice president and general manager, od AMD' Server and Embedded Division. "With the AMD Opteron 4000 Series platform, these customers now have a server platform that is extremely power- and cost-efficient, allows a high degree of customisation, and is also an ideal solution for high-end embedded systems.”

AMD Opteron 4100 Series processor start at prices as low as $99. Systems from new best pal, the Acer Group, as well as Dell, HP, SGI, Tyan, Supermicro, ZT Systems, and other channel partners are expected beginning today and over the coming months.

AMD said the Opteron 4100 Series processor allows for smaller heat sinks, power supplies, and fans, as well as low-voltage memory to help improve power efficiency.

The Opteron 4000 Series platform is also chipset-consistent with the 8- and 12-core AMD Opteron 6000 Series platform and is planned to support the new “Bulldozer” core, planned for 2011.