Apple iPhone 4 has innards exposed

Those screwdriver-wielding maniacs at iFixit have done it again, pulling apart a brand new iPhone 4 just for the fun of it.

You might have seen Gizmodo's ham-fisted attempt to crack open a stolen prototype of Apple's latest coming of the Holy Handset, which might just see them being prosecuted for criminal damage, but the folks at iFixit have been a little more subtle about their tear-down.

Unusually for an Apple device, the disassembly seems to be straightforward, requiring nothing more sophisticated than a teeny Philips screwdriver from the toolbox. There's not a single torx screw or fragile, plastic tab to break in sight.

The vandals do point out, however, that for the first time releasing the case-retaining screws releases the rear case rather than the front glass, which could make replacing a cracked screen a bit of a bind.

The battery, which takes up around two thirds of the internal volume of the handset, is easily replaceable, with nothing more than an 'Authorised Service Provider Only' label to deter warranty-busting tinkerers.

The tear-down confirms that the iPhone 4 is, indeed, blessed with double the RAM of its predecessor with a hefty 512MB or on-board memory.

If you've been following all of the hype around the iPhone 4, there are very few surprises inside, but Apple's genius for industrial design is always worth a second look and you can do just that over at iFixit.