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Apple Sells 3m iPad : OS Marketshare Set To Surpass Symbian

Apple announced yesterday that it has already sold more than three million iPad devices in 80 days with the first two million being sold in the first two months after it went for sale in the US.

Netmarketshare reported earlier this month that the operating system market share of the iPad increased significantly to reach 0.09 per cent. However latest figures show anecdotal evidence that June will be a bumper month for the device.

Yesterday, NMS data pointed to a steep rise in the number of iPad currently online, accounting for 0.26 per cent of traffic recorded by Hitslink and its partners. For the whole of June till today, the average market share stood at 0.17 per cent.

This is more than the iPod Touch and Android platforms and raises the prospect of the iPad surpassing Symbian by the end of the month. The next steps would be for the iPad to surpass the iPhone (0.60 per cent) and Java ME (0.73 per cent).

So why is the iPad so disproportionately represented in NMS results even if the iPod Touch user base is so big? Well, the answer lies in the fact that they collect data from browsers of around 160 million site visitors worldwide.

This could mean that iPad users are much more likely to access the internet and browse websites compared to the average iPod Touch user.

ITProPortal has also launched a contest inviting prospective and current iPad owners to get up to £500 worth of iPad accessories (including iPad Apps and Apple iTunes Credit) simply by submitting the list of accessories they'd like to have. Simples!!