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Apple flogs three million iPads in 80 days

Despite struggling to keep up with demand, Apple has announced the sale of its three millionth iPad.

The milestone came 80 days after the iPod Touch on steroids was released to an adoring public, and it looks like pundits' complaints about the lack of Flash, or cameras, or USB ports, or multi-tasking have come to naught, as people continue to clamour to get their hands the device proclaimed as "magical" by messianic Apple front-man Steve Jobs.

Apple is currently quoting 7-10 days for delivery of all versions of the 'game-changing' tablet from its online store, and real, bricks-and-mortar shop stocks are erratic and unpredictable to say the least.

Our local Apple Store told us, "We don't have a single iPad in stock at the moment and we don't know when we will have them. We get daily deliveries, but we don't know what they will include, and any iPads we do get in are immediately allocated to people on our waiting list."

The Apple employee refused to say how many people were on the waiting list or how long he thought it would take to honour existing orders.