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Arctic enters keyboard and mouse market

After baffling the tech world with a couple of cheap games consoles this year, chip-cooling firm Arctic (previously Arctic Cooling) is now taking a stab at the keyboard and mouse market.

The recently rebranded (opens in new tab) tech company has just introduced its K381 keyboard, which follows Apple and Sony's recent habit of building keyboards that look like more a platter of Scrabble tiles than an old-school typewriter keyboard.

Arctic claims the K381's low-profile layout and key structure is "perfect for comfortable typing," and also says the low-resistance switches under the keys "allow continuous typing without fatigue."

In addition to the flat and stylish keys, the keyboard itself has also gone through the slimming works. According to Arctic, it measures just 12mm high at the front, and then tapers to 20mm at the back to give it a gentle slope. This, says Arctic, enables you to type with the heels of your hands still sat comfortably on the desk.

The K381 features the usual array of keys, as well as 12 Office function keys, a volume control and the standard set of cursor keys and numeric keypad. A number of language layouts are being offered; including British, Spanish, German and Italian, and the keyboard is available in both black and white flavours to suit your taste.

Meanwhile, Arctic is also taking the opportunity to release two new mice. The M551 and M571 have variable sensitivity from 800 to 2,400dpi, and promise to be ergonomically comfortable.

Both mice feature basically the same design, but the M571 has the bonus of a third mouse button which Arctic suggests could be used as a "multi-fire" button for gamers. The M571 also features an adjustable weight system, with four 6.5g weights.

Arctic says the K381 is available now, with an RRP of €17.45 (£14.35) excluding VAT. Meanwhile, both the mice will be available in September this year, with the M551 costing €17.90 (£14.72) ex VAT and the M571 costing €20.65 (£16.99) ex VAT. All the products will come with a two-year warranty. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.