isn't dead says AMD

Silicon underdog AMD has denied that it's killed off the domain as part of a scheme to dispose of the ATI brand.

Web surfers using the old ATI URL have recently been greeted by an error message on AMD's website, saying that the page cannot be found.

The error message (below), reads "Oops! We apologize. The page you are trying to reach cannot be found." It then suggests that the page may have been moved or deleted, or you may have typed in the URL incorrectly.

This led some people to speculate that AMD was surreptitiously phasing out the ATI brand as part of a plan to brand all of its GPU products with the AMD brand. Tech website TweakTown announced that "ATI (.com) Has Been Assimilated" in its headline, saying "it looks like AMD is now ready to start phasing ATI out of the picture."

However, an AMD spokesperson has confirmed to THINQ that this is definitely not the case, and the current redirection of the domain is just an error.

AMD explained that the company had recently made some changes to the site which appear to have broken the link.

We're promised that will be up and running again very soon.