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Established IT Giants More Trusted Than Facebook and Twitter

American people place more trust in technology giants Apple, Google, and Microsoft than in social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, a survey has revealed.

In an interactive survey conducted by web-based market research agency Zogby International (opens in new tab), more than 49 per cent of American adults stated their trust in each of the technology brands.

Micro-blogging site Twitter and social networking site Facebook managed to attain 8 and 13 per cent of users' trust, respectively.

According to Jon Zogby, the president and CEO of Zogby International, technology brands have earned the trust of ordinary people over a period of time, while companies like Facebook and Twitter haven't yet developed a strong sense of corporate identity.

The survey was based on the responses of 2,100 people between 9 and 11 June, and has a 2.2 per cent margin of error.

The survey also showed that young Americans have slightly higher levels of trust in social networking sites, while traditional media received the trust of just eight per cent of adults and six per cent of young adults.