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EyeTV gets vuvuzela filter

Maker of TV dongles Elgato has announced a temporary update to its EyeTV software, which attempts to drown out the sound of those annoying plastic trumpets so beloved of South African World Cup crowds.

You'll have to go through the rigmarole of downloading a 128MB file and reinstalling your software, but if the constant drone of a billion giant mosquitoes is making you grind your teeth to stumps whilst watching England's tedious displays of Sunday pub league football, anything which can ease the pain must be worthwhile.

The update is not available through the normal software update channels, so you'll have to fire up EyeTV and follow this link to install it.

The new function appears in a contextual menu (right click on the main viewing screen) and can be switched on and off at will. It seems to simply notch the relevant frequencies made by the pesky parping noise-makers, but doesn't remove the disharmonious honking altogether.

To our ancient ears it also seems to make the commentary a bit thin and weedy but you can judge the results for yourself in this demo video.