French School Opens Apple iPad Lab

Grenoble Ecole de Management, a French educational institution, has announced that they will be testing the "pedagogical advantages of the iPad" on 40 or so of their students from the beginning of September 2010 as part of their "innovation laboratory".

Apart from the fact that they've already agreed on the fact that the iPad has inherent advantages compared to other learning media, the school sees the Apple tablet as a holistic learning solution.

Béatrice Nerson, deputy director of the Grenoble school explains that "The iPad is perfectly suited in terms of its vast experimental learning capacity" while the head of the Innovation Laboratory, Marc Humbert, asks whether the iPad will replace PCs.

Selected students will also be looking at a host of other pedagogical resources and tools as part of the "Innovative Information Management" including serious games, mind mapping, e-Readers, smartphones & Microsoft SharePoint applications and an HP tablet.

It is not the first time that the iPad is used in the education sector. A number of colleges in the US have already started to give out free or subsidised iPads to their students who prefer to use it because of its size. Not only can it store thousands of manuals and books, it can also play various media, be used as a notepad and much more.

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