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Google Adds Gambling Ads To Youtube

Licensed gaming and gambling companies in the UK will not be allowed to buy adverts on the country's most popular online video website, Youtube, for the first time.

The adverts will be targeted at those who are 18 and over based on their profile data. Online casinos and other gambling entities will be able to advertise on special branded channels, video pages and on the Youtube homepage itself.

Back in October 2008, Google allowed paid search gambling terms to be purchased in the UK after a company wide industry ban and by December that year, allowed spirit brands to purchase keywords on Adwords.

Google's James Cashmore told NMA that the company has been in discussion with brands and companies for more than two years about the relationship between Google and the gambling industry.

NMA also notes that the adverts will be ran through the new Google Display Network, which takes over from the Google Content Network which, according to Cashmore, illustrates how important display is to the advertising mix at the world's biggest search company.