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Google Voice On General Release Across US

Google has released a finished version its Google Voice application.

The company has finished beta testing of the voice call software, announced Craig Walker, product manager for Google Voice.

The company has reported on its official Google Voice blog that it had removed the invite-only tag from the software, which is now available to all US residents.

The software was launched last year, and is currently used by more than a million people.

The Voice application provides a single phone number for all of an individual's phone lines, as well as voice mail message transcription, free calls to the US and Canada, low rates for international calls, a conference call facility, and a central online inbox for voice mails.

Google acquired telephony service GrandCentral in 2007. The search giant rebranded GrandCentral's software and released it, along with a number of new features, as Google Voice, in March 2009.

The application caused controversy last year when Apple refused to include the Google Voice application in its iPhone app store. Google responded by releasing the software online.